Many financial cybercriminals are likely to target Bitcoin more frequently in 2021, cybersecurity firm Kaspersky said Thursday. 

Drastic changes in 2020 unavoidably affected the way financial attackers operate, the company said in statement.

Kaspersky predicted that MageCarting, or so-called JS-skimming attacks — the method of stealing payment card data from e-commerce platforms — will move to the server side.

In addition, special technical capabilities for monitoring, deanonymizing and seizing Bitcoin accounts will prompt a shift in the methods used by many cybercriminals to demand payment.

“Bitcoin theft will become more attractive as many nations plummet into poverty as a result of the [coronavirus] pandemic. With economies crashing down and local currencies dropping, more people may become involved in cybercrime,” it said.

Kaspersky researchers also expect even higher growth in extortion attempts as a way to get money due to concerns over publishing stolen information.​​​​​​​

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