One day ahead of the national Thanksgiving holiday, US President-elect Joe Biden urged unity, saying coronavirus has devastated the nation in nearly one year. 

During a speech in his home state of Delaware, Biden said the virus “brought us pain, loss, and frustration” and so many lives were taken by the disease, which he said divided and angered Americans.

“I know the country has grown weary of the fight but we need to remember, we’re at war with the virus, not with one another. Not with each other,” he said.

He called for Americans to double their efforts to fight COVID-19.

“Let’s remember! We’re all in this together,” said Biden.

The virus has killed more than 260,000 people in the US since early February when the first death occurred, according to Johns Hopkin University.

It has also infected more than 12.6 million others.

Biden’s call came a day before the Thanksgiving holiday, which health officials fear will add cases to an already-worsening situation because of closed-door gatherings and celebrations.

Some US states tightened their coronavirus restrictions ahead of the holiday.

More than 3 million people reportedly passed through airport checkpoints from Friday through Sunday, ignoring the “delay travel plans and stay home” recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in fear of a surge in infections.

“Travel may increase your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19. Postponing travel and staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others this year,” the CDC said Thursday.

The health agency said staying at home with family members who live with you is the “safest way” to celebrate the holiday.

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