US presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden holds a 10-point lead against President Donald Trump in the race for the White House, according to a poll released Tuesday.

The survey by Monmouth University in New Jersey showed Biden is currently supported by 51% of registered voters, while Trump has 41% support.

The poll was released days before Democrats and Republicans are set to announce official presidential nominees. The four-day Democratic National Convention will kick off next week, while the Republican Convention will begin Aug. 24.

Slightly more voters say they are certain about their support for Biden, 39%, than say the same about Trump, 35% — similar to support in late June when it was 40% for Biden to 34% for Trump.

While Democrats are worried about Russian meddling in elections, Republicans think the Democratic Party will be responsible for election interference.

Forty percent of Democratic voters are worried about possible election meddling by Russia while 9% name China and 4% cite some other country. Thirty-one percent of Democrats expect Trump, along with the Republican Party, 16%, to play a role in possible election meddling.

A majority of GOP voters believe the Democratic Party would be the most likely perpetrator of election interference with 55%, including vote-by-mail with 11% — an option favored by Democrats amid coronavirus outbreak.

The vote-by-mail is supported by 58% of Americans, the polls found, while 37% say it is a bad idea. Nearly all Democrats, 90%, say expanding vote-by-mail is a good idea but few Republicans, 20%, agree.

Voter opinions of Biden stands at 42% favorable and 47% unfavorable. It was 44% and 44%, respectively, in late June. Trump was 40% favorable and 54% unfavorable. Those figures were 38% and 55%, respectively, in late June. The combined rating showed 39% have a favorable opinion of Biden only, 37% have a favorable opinion of Trump only.

The poll was conducted by telephone from Aug. 6 – 10, with 868 adults and based on 785 registered voters and has a +/- 3.5 margin of error.

Some recent general elections polls conducted in August also shows Biden’s lead over Trump.

A GU Politics/Battleground poll has Biden at 53% and Trump 40%; The Hill/HarrisX survey found Biden with 43% and Trump at 40%; Economist/YouGov poll showed Biden at 49% and Trump at 40% and an Emerson survey found Biden with 50% and Trump 46%.

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