Belgian political parties finally agreed on forming a coalition government Wednesday, almost 500 days after the May 2019 elections.

An agreement has been reached on a seven-party “Vivaldi” coalition, with Alexander De Croo of Open Vld party as the country’s new prime minister.

Flemish liberal De Croo and Walloon socialist Paul Magnette will inform King Philippe of their agreement shortly.

The new government is expected to have seven ministers each from the Flemish region, and the French-speaking Walloon region.

De Croo has previously served as the country’s deputy prime minister, and minister of finance.

The coalition was named ‘Vivaldi’ based on the Italian composer’s famous ‘Four Seasons’ musical work, representing four political groups.

The new coalition will represent liberal, green and socialist parties, as well as the Flemish Christian Democrats.

*Writing by Iclal Turan in Ankara

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