Belgian Prince Joachim has been fined €10,400 ($11,800) for not following the mandatory 14-day quarantine upon his arrival to Spain, local media reported on Wednesday.

According to Europa Press and El País, the government of Cordoba served the fine on the prince for “breaking quarantine.” Authorities are still investigating the large gathering he attended during the lockdown.

The 28-year-old prince made waves after it emerged he went to a party in Cordoba with 27 people on May 26, which violated local lockdown rules that limited gatherings to 15 people.

To make things worse, the day after the party, he tested positive for COVID-19.

Joachim, the nephew of Belgian’s King Philippe, later apologized over the incident.

“I did not intend to offend or disrespect anyone in these very difficult times and deeply regret my actions and accept the consequences,” Joachim said in a statement to People Magazine, which was released through his attorney in Spain.

Spanish media reported that he landed in Spain on May 24 with permission to work. From there, he took a high-speed train to Cordoba, which is where his girlfriend is from, and attended various social gatherings.

In doing so, he broke Spanish law, which requires all new arrivals to automatically quarantine for 14 days.

Joachim now has 15 days to appeal the fine, but if he pays it soon it can be reduced by 50%.

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