Barcelona’s President Josep Maria Bartomeu resigned amid criticism over the club’s poor form.

“I am here today to inform you of my resignation and that of the rest of the Board of Directors. This is a well-considered, calm, consensual and collective decision by my fellow directors who have accompanied me over recent years in a loyal and committed fashion with regards to the project and the Club, and who have made so many sacrifices thinking always of Barça,” Bartomeu, 57, said late Tuesday.

“I have always said that self-criticism makes us stronger and that Barça has always come out of difficult times. However, what we have experienced in the last few months goes beyond any limit. We have been shown a lack of respect, to me and my fellow Board members; we have been insulted, threatened, even me and my family and my fellow Board members,” he added.

He served as the president of the club since 2014.

Barcelona were defeated by Real Madrid 3-1 in El Clasico on weekend while Bartomeu has been under pressure due to crisis between the club and Lionel Messi who requested to leave the club in the summer.

In his statement, Bartomeu also added that the club approved the acceptance of requirement to join the European Super League.

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