DHAKA, Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s “wonder boy,” Fahim Ul Karim, who was inspired by physicist Stephen Hawking and motivational speaker Nick Vujicic and made a name for himself with his abilities as a graphic designer through immense struggle, died Wednesday night in the hospital. 

Since 2007, the boy had been suffering from a rare genetic disease Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), which eventually impacts all voluntary muscles and affects the heart and breathing muscles in later stages.

Hailing from a low-income family in the remote southwestern district of Magura, Karim traveled to neighboring India with his parents for treatment but had to return home without completing it due to a lack of money.

With only two functional fingers of the right hand, the completely disabled boy never lost hope and started his struggle in 2016 with a laptop that was bought with a bank loan of 45,000 Bangladeshi takas [$536].

On Sept. 7, Anadolu Agency published a feature sketching the inspirational life struggle of 22-year-old Karim, who was called a wonder boy in Bangladesh.

“To date, I have worked with buyers from approximately 30 countries, and I mainly work on print design,” Karim had told Anadolu Agency, adding that on average, his monthly income was $300.

Citing the coronavirus pandemic, Karim said he was the only earning member of his family, adding: “My highest monthly income was $800 before the pandemic.”

Unbridled Karim worked day and night and within two years, he was able to buy property near Magura city, where he also built a small house. Karim also covered all the educational costs of his secondary-level younger sister.

Karim had also told Anadolu Agency that he dreamt of a Bangladesh where everyone has a job.

“My son was an ideal son to me. Allah will always love my son in the next life as I was fully pleased with him,” Rezaul Karim, father of Karim, told Anadolu Agency.

He regretted that he could not fulfill Karim’s last wish for better treatment abroad.

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