DHAKA, Bangladesh

Bangladeshi experts on Sunday called for diplomatic talks and negotiations with India and China for a solution to end the annual deluge that causes widespread death and destruction across the region, coming off a year in which at least 221 people it the South Asian country died from floods. 

In a webinar based in the capital Dhaka on Sunday, water management experts and geologists argued the withdrawal of water upstream by India from trans-boundary rivers during dry seasons over the years left major Bangladeshi rivers almost dead and incapable of dealing with monsoon floods.

Participants pushed for the implementation of international law for trans-boundary rivers and watercourses to deal with floods that hit the country every year.

The South Asian nation is crisscrossed by 230 rivers, including 53 shared with India.

Heavy rains in the neighboring Indian state of Assam also add to huge inflows into downstream Bangladesh.

Water expert Abdul Matin, who organized the event, said India has caused the death of many rivers in Bangladesh, and does not follow bilateral treaties.

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