DHAKA, Bangladesh 

Amid a sharp drop in COVID-19 infections in Bangladesh over the last two days, experts are urging against complacency, saying the second wave has not yet ended.

The south Asian country on Saturday witnessed a low daily infection rate of 5.34, the lowest so far since the first case of coronavirus was detected in March 2019.

Recoveries also saw a rise with 89.39%, said the Health Services Directorate. Some 692 infections were recorded, bringing the total infections to 521,382, it added.

The country, however, recorded 22 new COVID-19 deaths, bringing the total number of deaths to 7,756, with the rate rising since mid-November.

Virologist Mushtaq Hossain, a government advisor, told Anadolu Agency that according to the World Health Organization (WHO), “the infection rate should be below 5%. And this must continue for four weeks.”

Acknowledging the downward trend in infections, he added: “However, the death rate is still high and on a continuous rise.”

He also warned that a “tendency towards low testing or people’s low interest in having their sample tested is a worrying sign for the country.”

The government must take measures, including financial support to people during quarantine and isolation periods, so they do not feel financially insecure, and support their family if their test is positive, he added.

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