The Bangladeshi Embassy in Ankara held an event on Wednesday to celebrate the country’s Victory Day anniversary, with COVID-19 restrictions in place.

The event at the chancery building was attended by Bangladeshi expats and students along with several Turkish guests.

Ambassador Mosud Mannan, in his speech, said the country’s founding father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman planned and struggled his whole life for the independence of his nation and he inspired the freedom-loving people.

The South Asian nation gained its long-cherished independence on Dec. 16, 1971, following a nine-month bloody war, popularly known as the Liberation War of 1971, against then-West Pakistan, currently Pakistan. At that time, Bangladesh was known as East Pakistan.

Since then, every Dec. 16 Bangladesh has been observing Victory Day with great enthusiasm.

As Bangladesh prepares to celebrate its Golden Jubilee of independence in 2021, Mannan said his mission in Ankara will hold a series of events with the local community and called on Bangladeshi expats to arrange similar events.​​​​​​​

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