DHAKA, Bangladesh

All the crew members of two separate lighter vessels were rescued after they capsized in the Bay of Bengal, a Bangladeshi official confirmed Sunday.

On Saturday, a lighter vessel, named MV Akther Banu, was carrying goods and 13 crew members when it capsized at around 6 a.m. local time (0000GMT), Mohammad Salim, deputy director of Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA), said.

Salim said they were informed of the incident in the evening and started the rescue operation at night.

Later in the day, he confirmed that all the missing crew members of the vessel were rescued by Sunday noon in a frantic effort of rescue officials, consisting of Bangladesh River Police, Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Coast Guard, as well as local divers and fishermen.

The vessel capsized at Hatia Channel near Bhashan Char inland with 750 tons of goods to the Narayanganj district from Chattogram of Bangladesh, he earlier said. He had added that there was cautionary signal No-3 in the bay.

Meanwhile, another lighter vessel MV City-14 capsized in the same channel on Saturday with all 12 crew members rescued after going missing, the official previously said, citing rescue officials.

They were safe and out of danger as they carried lifesaving jackets, and the owners of the vessels were asked to rescue the vessels from the spots, officials said.

According to local media reports, at least three vessels sunk in the Bay of Bengal in the last two weeks near Bhashan Char island.

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