Azerbaijan’s military on Friday destroyed Armenia’s two missile systems, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said. 

“On October 30, at about 12:55 and 14:18, the two Smerch MLRS were destroyed by the accurate fire of our units,” a ministry statement said.

The statement said the missile systems prohibited by international law were used by Armenian military to fire at civilian infrastructures in Azerbaijan’s cities of Barda and Tartar.

The Azerbaijani army had also destroyed one Smerch missile system on Thursday.

Since clashes broke out on Sept. 27, Armenia has repeatedly attacked Azerbaijani civilians and forces, even violating three humanitarian cease-fire agreements since Oct. 10.

To date, at least 91 Azerbaijani civilians have lost their lives — including 11 children and 27 women — while 400 people, including at least 14 infants, 36 children, 101 women, have been injured in attacks by Armenian forces.

A total of 2,442 homes and 92 apartment buildings and 428 public buildings have become unusable, said Azerbaijan’s Chief Prosecutor’s Office.

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