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Turkish Central Bank lowers interest rates by 200 basis points

ANKARA The Turkish Central Bank on Thursday lowered its one-week repo rate by 200 basis points, well above market expectation. The policy rate – also known...

Istanbul Finance Center will be Islamic finance hub: Turkish president

ANKARA With Istanbul Finance Center, a project expected to be launched by early 2022, Turkey targets to be a hub for Islamic finance, the nation's...

Moderna, Johnson & Johnson approved for booster shots in US

NEW YORK The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday approved emergency use of booster doses by Moderna and Johnson & Johnson against...

Turkish consumer confidence slips in October

ANKARA The Turkish consumer confidence weakened in October compared to last month, according to the country’s statistical authority on Thursday. The index is a vital gauge...

Reflections of Saladin Conquest of Jerusalem still present in city

JERUSALEM  Jerusalem, the holy city for the adherents of all three great monotheistic religions, still presents the impact of the Muslim leader, Salah al-Din Yusuf...