Australians are rejoicing the launch of a Google application that detects people infected with the novel coronavirus.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said 24 million Australians downloaded the application on their mobile phones in 24 hours.

“Well done Australia. We’ve just passed 2M downloads for COVIDSafe [application]. But we’ve still got more to do keep you & your family safe, protect our doctors & nurses & help us get back to the way of life we love,” Morrison announced on Twitter on Monday.

Australia confirmed 6,720 cases of the coronavirus. 83 people died due to the virus which first originated in China last December.

A government initiative, COVIDSafe, helps health officials “quickly understand and tackle the spread of coronavirus,” said a statement posted on the initiative’s website.

Sharing her experience, an Australian social media user Esra Sezgin said the Google application uses Bluetooth to record suspected COVID-19 cases.

“Just installed the new #covidsafe app from the Australian Government and I’m really impressed! It uses Bluetooth to record whenever you come within 1.5 meters of someone who has been in close contact with someone with COVID-19,” she wrote on Twitter.

The application helps tracing COVID-19 contacts when other people also have this app installed on their phones.

If the two people remain in contact, or near to each other within 1.5 meters (5 feet), for over 15 minutes, the application records data including date, time, contact distance and duration, and the other user’s encrypted identification code.

The information is used if any of the two shows symptoms of the coronavirus to trace the contacts. The information collected remains in the phone for 21 days and is automatically deleted thereafter.

Besides, the Australian Health Ministry said the app is used to check symptoms of the COVID-19.

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