DOUALA, Cameroon 

At least 40 people died and dozens were injured in three crashes involving buses and goods trucks in central Cameroon on Wednesday and Thursday, Transport Minister Ngalle Bibehe said in a statement.

Two people died in the first accident, 16 in the second and 22 in the third in the districts of Makenene, Awae and Batchenga, respectively, according to the Ministry of Transport.

“These unfortunate accidents occurred in the midst of a special campaign of prevention and road safety,” said Bibehe, which “highlights the negligence on the one hand of intercity transport companies and on the other hand of freight carriers.”

He also warned bus operators and cargo transporters that he will suspend all their transport activity if they are involved in any more road accidents.

Road accidents frequently occur in the Central African country.

According to a study published in February by the Ministry of Transport and research firm CYSCOM, 35% are caused by speeding, 17% by the condition of vehicles, over 10% by drunk driving or lack of control at the wheel and 10% by road conditions.

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