Asian stock exchanges closed Tuesday on a high note except for the Hang Seng benchmark.

The Asia Dow, which includes blue-chip companies in the region, was up 0.33%, or 12.24 points, to 3,737.97 at 0930GMT.

Tokyo’s Nikkei 225 stock exchange increased 0.13%, or 35.65 points, to 27,284.52. China’s Shanghai Stock Exchange gained 0.67%, or 23.05 points, to close at 3,452.63 points.

Hang Seng, the benchmark for blue-chip stocks trading on the Hong Kong stock exchange, was the worst performer of the day, falling 1.02%, or 250.06 points, to 24,329.49.

The Indian Sensex benchmark posted a rise of 0.33%, or 187.39 points, to close at 57,808.58. The Singapore index, which performed the best during the day, increased 1.05%, or 35.26 points, to reach 3,401.74.

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