YEREVAN, Armenia 

Armenia’s current Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, and former President Robert Kocharian voted in the early parliament elections on Sunday.

The leader of the election polls Pashinyan, who has been the acting prime minister of the country and running in the elections with the Civil Contract Party, voted in a regional administration building in the Shengavit region of the Armenian capital Yerevan.

Known for his pro-Russia stance, Kocharian with the Armenian Alliance voted in Yerevan.

Stating that offensive leaflets were being distributed in the city as a campaign against him, Kocharian said he would file a complaint against the ruling party, of whom he suspected, in case the police failed to find those responsible.

Arman Babajanian, the chairperson of the Shirinyan-Babajanian Alliance of Democrats, said on social media that an armed attack targeting him in his car took place on the same day.

He said such events were inevitable, blaming certain opponents for “murder, thief, and involvement in the mafia.”

In Armenia, 26 political movements are competing in the elections for the office vacated after Pashinyan’s resignation from premiership on April 25.

A total of 22 political parties, along with four alliances, have participated in the elections to receive votes from a total of 2,581,093 people.

During election speeches, Pashinyan promised to tackle issues related to security, economy, and society, while one of his prominent opponents Kocharian emphasized his closeness to Russian President Vladimir Putin, promising to improve relations with Russia.

Levon Ter-Petrosyan with the Armenian National Congress Party, who also served as the first president of Armenia, and former President and Prime Minister of the country Serzh Sargsyan with the “I Have Honor” alliance are among other prominent candidates for the premiership.

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