The Arab League on Wednesday warned of Lebanon’s “slide into the unknown” following bloody clashes between the army and protesters.

At least one protestor died and a dozen others injured in clashes in Tripoli, the country’s second largest city, late Monday.

Anger over the crash of Lebanon’s national currency that sent food prices soaring led to street violence. Protests were witnessed in the capital Beirut, and the city of Sidon as well.

The Arab League, in a statement, expressed its deep concern regarding “the accelerating developments on the Lebanese scene.”

“There is a hope that the wisdom of the army’s leadership and security services to act with professionalism and responsibility to prevent Lebanon from slipping into the unknown,” the communique read.

It pointed out that “the financial, economic and banking crisis in Lebanon is now requiring decisive and immediate treatment.”

Anti-government protests are continuing in Lebanon since last October, calling for economic and social reforms, an overhaul of the ruling class and an end to corruption.

The movement had led to the resignation of premier Saad Hariri, despite introducing cuts to spending.

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