The head of Turkey’s top news provider said Friday that Anadolu Agency has kicked off a new push for internationalization with the Antalya Diplomacy Forum this weekend.  

“We are going through a day where the eyes and ears all over the world are in Antalya,” said Serdar Karagoz. 

As the global communication partner of the forum, Anadolu Agency reports in 13 languages to the world from the event, he added.  

Organized under the auspices of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and hosted by Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, the forum is being held at the NEST Congress and Exhibition Center in the Mediterranean resort city of Antalya under the theme: “Innovative Diplomacy: New Era, New Approaches.” 

Karagoz visited the Turkish news agency’s booth and expressed pleasure in being a part of the international organization.  

He said that everyone interested in diplomacy was at the forum. “All diplomatic missions in Turkey are represented here.” 

“Antalya is becoming the center of diplomacy,” he said, while noting a previously held G20 summit in the city.  

Karagoz said it seems that in the future Antalya will be at the forefront as a city that has become even stronger with the Antalya Diplomacy Forum, where almost all issues of world diplomacy are discussed. 

He thanked those who contributed, especially Cavusoglu, and said Anadolu Agency will try to report to the world what is happening and what is being said at the forum. 

He emphasized that Anadolu Agency is participating in the management of the forum. “Because we started Anadolu Agency’s internationalization project. Internationalization is possible in the international arena not only by setting up offices abroad, but also by establishing international networks.” 

“All diplomatic missions are here and there are also foreign ministers. As Anadolu Agency, we have interviews with them and establish good relations. Anadolu Agency has correspondents, reprehensive in almost all prominent countries. We have very influential offices in some prominent countries. We will strengthen them even more,” he said. “Especially in the new era, Anadolu Agency will accelerate its publications in English and its internationalization project. Our international editions will also continue in other languages.” 

“Anadolu Agency also has a publishing house. We also publish books that appeal to the international scene. Today, our publications in the forum in Antalya attracted great attention.” 

He said that Anadolu Agency not only covers politics but everything about life in various languages. “We will continue to grow stronger by the day.” 

“We would like to see Anadolu Agency in the top three on the list of strongest news agencies globally. These agencies and their influences are well known. Anadolu Agency will be ahead of them,” he said.

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