Anadolu Agency has named Yusuf Ozhan its next editor-in-chief, said Serdar Karagoz, the agency’s chairman of the board and director general, on Thursday.

After leading the transformation of Turkish national news outlet TRT as director of the External Services Department, Ozhan will replace Metin Mutanoglu at the agency post.

“Yusuf is a leader of many skills, with a digital-first, innovative, outside-the-box take on journalism, which combines years of editorial management experience and outstanding journalism with an unending desire to meet the challenges of keeping up with new media tools,” Karagoz said in a statement.

“He will oversee all editorial functions for Anadolu Agency’s newsroom of distinguished journalists representing the organization in 100 countries and offices in 42 different locations,” he said.

Karagoz added: “Previously, he worked as the digital content manager for TRT World’s Digital department and editor-in-chief at Turk Medya Digital. He has more than ten years of experience in foreign news, mostly in a management role.”

Ozhan holds a master’s in Communication, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. He also holds a BA in Management Information Systems from Istanbul’s Bogazici University.

“With his previous experience as a manager, leader, and an outstanding journalist, it was not a difficult decision to bring him on board as editor-in-chief to our team of talented journalists. We’re therefore confident that he will lead our newsroom into a more competitive and innovative sphere, which will continue to thrive on strong, accurate, and high-quality journalism,” he added.

Separately, Oguz Enis Peru has been named the agency’s new deputy director-general, succeeding Mustafa Ozkaya.

“Peru will shape the marketing, administrative, and financial infrastructure of our organization. He took on various positions mostly as a manager in the administrative and financial departments of TURKSAT, Turkey’s Satellite Communication Cable TV and Operation, during his 16-year career,” Karagoz said.

Praising the new appointees’ talent, Karagoz said: “I am, therefore, confident that they will take our administrative processes to the next level and will lead us into a more competitive, dynamic, and innovative realm in the international news industry that feeds on strong, accurate and high-quality journalism.”

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