No flights are taking off from Brussels Airport on Monday due to a strike by staff.

Upon a call by multiple trade unions in Belgium, airport employees and security staff are observing a strike in demand of improved working conditions and wages.

However, the airport will be open to incoming passengers and cargo flights.

The airport administration requested that passengers not come to the airport due to the strike and to make changes in their travel plans.

Public transport in Brussels, including subways, trams, and bus services, was also disrupted due to the strike.

Since Belgium is one of the countries in Europe with a system of automatic salary indexation, employee wages increase according to inflation.

Employers are arguing for a change to this system.

Unions defend the automatic indexation scheme but demand a change in regulations that limits wage growth in the private sector.

Inflation in Belgium was recorded at 8.97% in May, the highest level since 1982.

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