ALGIERS, Algeria

An Algerian independence war veteran died on Monday at the age of 95. 

Abdelkader Lamoudi was one of the last two surviving among 22 masterminds of the country’s independence war against French colonialism.

The Algerian War of Independence took place between 1954 and 1962 and ended with the departure of French colonial forces after 130 years of occupation.

Lamoudi participated in planning independence uprisings during a historic meeting of these 22 figures on July 25, 1954, chaired by Mostefa Ben Boulaid, one of the leaders of the Algerian revolution.

Lamoudi also contributed to writing the statement of Nov. 1, 1954, which formally announced the revolution.

With the death of Lamoudi, all members of the group have passed away, except for Othmane Belouizdad.

* Writing by Mahmoud Barakat

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