Coronavirus cases in Africa jumped to nearly 107,500 on Sunday after some 3,500 people contracted the contagious virus across the continent in the last 24 hours.

The latest update by the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention showed that 63 patients have died over the same period, bringing the tally of continental death toll to 3,245.

More than 42,600 patients have recovered from the disease so far, according to the data.

South Africa remains the most affected country in terms of cases with 21,300 people having been infected while Egypt has followed it with 16,500 cases. However, Egypt has suffered 735 fatalities while South Africa has recorded 407 deaths.

Algeria has registered 8,100 cases and 592 deaths, Morocco 7,400 cases and 198 deaths and Tunisia 1,000 cases and 48 deaths.

Nigeria in West Africa has recorded the highest death toll of 221, Sudan in East Africa 137 and Cameroon in Central Africa 159 showing regional highs.

For the regional distribution of infections, North Africa has suffered the highest burden with 33,400 cases and 1,600 deaths, while West Africa has recorded 28,300 cases and 602 deaths, Southern Africa 22,900 cases and 429 deaths, East Africa 11,600 cases and 303 deaths, and Central Africa 11,200 cases and 330 deaths.

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