The number of people infected by the coronavirus in Africa has crossed 1.9 million, said the Africa Centers for Disease Prevention and Control on Wednesday.

At least 45,954 people have died due to virus-related complications across the continent since February.

Southern Africa remained the hardest hit with 827,700 cases and 21,500 deaths. But, the region also registered the highest number of recoveries that now stands at 754,400.

North Africa recorded 589,100 cases, East Africa 231,400, West Africa 195,100, and Central Africa 61,600.

Congo’s government has officially launched the Africa Communication and Information Platform for Health and Economic Action (ACIP), a continental tool that aims to harness real-time data on COVID-19 to inform decision making at national and regional levels.

The ongoing phase one rollout covers mobile users across more than 23 countries, representing over 80% of Africa’s total mobile users.

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