Active cases of the novel coronavirus in Africa have been numbered at 333,892 on Monday, according to the latest update of the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

The number of total cases has reached 2,261,589 while recoveries stood at 1,927,697.

At least 53,853 people have died of complications related to the virus since February when Egypt reported zero cases.

Of the five geographical regions in the continent, Southern Africa is the worst-hit region with 914,800 cases and 23,900 deaths.

On the other hand, it also recorded by far the highest number of recoveries that now stand at 829,300.

North Africa has registered 786,500 cases, East Africa 283,100, West Africa 210,400, and Central Africa 66,800.

At least 20,500 people died in North Africa, 5,400 in East Africa, 2,900 in West Africa and 1,200 in Central Africa.

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