At least six children and an elderly woman died after drinking contaminated water in Bulawayo city, local media reported Tuesday.

The water was pumped by Bulawayo city council amid a water shortage in Luveve neighborhood.

Several others who consumed the water sought medical attention, according to The Feed news website.

“It got me worried these young people from this community had died. I wanted to know why. I visited all the relevant offices to seek answers about this incident,” Hon Stella Ndlovu, a lawmaker from Luveve, said.

“The relevant officers are not taking it seriously. I don’t have resources but as an MP I cannot just watch people die.”

Zimbabwe has experienced a gradual decline in access to clean and safe water over the years.

Earlier this year the HRW urged the government that measures to combat coronavirus should include urgently providing continuous and affordable access to sufficient safe water to people across the country.

The landlocked country in Southern Africa has confirmed 575 virus cases, including seven deaths and 152 recoveries.

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