Over 6,000 students from 97 countries applied for international scholarship programs to study at Turkey’s high schools with Islamic curriculums and at theology faculties of Turkish universities.

Applications for the scholarships offered by Turkey Diyanet Foundation (TDV) for international students are completed and a total of 6,295 students from 97 countries applied for the programs this year, the foundation said in a statement.

As part of the scholarships, 215 students will have an opportunity to study at international Imam Hatip High Schools and 80 others will be offered with the opportunity to study at the international theology programs, it added.

Applications will be evaluated within August, and the candidates meeting the necessary conditions will be interviewed on Aug. 30-Sep.15. The final results will be announced on Sep. 15.

Currently, 1,088 international students from 86 countries continue their studies at International Imam Hatip High Schools in the Turkish provinces of Istanbul, Kayseri, Konya, Bursa, and Sivas, said Ihsan Acik, the second chairman of TDV’s board of trustees, in the statement.

Also, 556 students from 74 countries are receiving education at the international theology programs, while 72 others from 35 countries at the master’s programs, and 404 from 14 countries at the PhD programs in Turkey under the scholarship program.

* Writing by Faruk Zorlu

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