At least 561 students have reported COVID-19 infections, out of a total of 23,952 cases detected in South Korea, a lawmaker revealed on Friday.

Citing data from Education Ministry, Jung Chan-min of the main opposition People Power Party said 561 students from kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school levels were infected by the deadly virus from May 20-Sept. 23, South Korea’s state-run Yonhap News Agency reported on Friday.

A whopping number of 220 infections were reported from elementary schools. The national capital Seoul has registered most of the cases among the student community.

Around 473 students were treated and discharged from hospitals. Another 88 are in quarantine in hospitals for treatment.

South Korea reported 63 additional coronavirus cases, including 53 local infections, on Friday.

Health authorities have cautioned against the rise in infections during the ongoing Chuseok holiday, the Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving, this week.

“Student patients under treatment should be offered medical support, and health and education authorities should follow up on the aftereffects of the virus among students while preventing additional infections,” Jung said.

To avoid mass infections due to travel during the holidays, people have been directed to stay at home as authorities have imposed Level 2 social distancing guidelines for two-weeks.

The level two measures prohibit indoor meetings of 10 or more people and banning of 100 or more people in outdoor events.

“We kindly ask people to refrain from having meetings with close friends or attending religious and public events during the holiday,” said Jeong Eun-kyeong, a health official.

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