A top Turkish health advisor said the third dose of COVID-19 vaccine, which began to be administered in Turkey as of Thursday for those 50 or above along with medical staff, is of necessity to re-stimulate the antibody response within the body.

Alper Sener, a member of Turkey’s Coronavirus Scientific Advisory Board, said the country’s Health Ministry has been good at managing the outbreak in Turkey, where the first patient was recorded on March 11, 2020.

Medical authorities in Turkey were mobilized for the vaccination campaign across the country to ensure the protection of people, Sener noted, saying the application of third COVID-19 jabs was significant to combat the disease.

According to Sener, having two shots of vaccination offer protection to some extent already, but the third one re-stimulates the antibody response and ensures its continuation in the long term.

He further noted that the Delta variant of the virus has been affecting the global population and it had the potential of spreading in Turkey, which makes increasing antibody levels in the body even more important.

He concluded that the sacrifices of Turkish medical staff and the country’s health system helped fatality rates be lower than the global average and vaccination of 60% of the Turkish population was essential to ensure herd immunity.

*Writing by Ali Murat Alhas

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