The number of coronavirus cases in Africa rose to 63,325 on Monday with 2,668 new cases recorded across the continent in the last 24 hours, announced the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

The continent also saw 176 more COVID-19 deaths over the period, bringing the total of fatalities to 2,290, said the Africa CDC.

Recoveries, the update showed, also rose to 21,821 from 20,794 in just a span of one day.

North Africa recorded 22,300 cases, 1,300 deaths and 8,000 recoveries; West Africa 8,400 cases, 406 deaths, and 5,300 recoveries; Southern Africa 10,700 cases, 213 deaths, and 4,400 recoveries, East Africa 6,200 cases, 193 deaths, and 2,300 recoveries, and Central Africa 5,700 cases, 214 deaths, and 1,900 recoveries.

South Africa is the hardest hit in terms of the number of cases, with more than 10,000.

In North Africa, Egypt is the worst-hit country with 9,400 cases and 525 deaths, while Algeria recorded 5,700 cases and 502 deaths.

In West Africa, Nigeria has 4,400 cases and Ghana 4,300, while in East Africa, Sudan recorded 1,400 cases, overtaking Djibouti, which has 1,200.

In Central Africa, Cameroon recorded 2,600 and the Democratic Republic of Congo 1,000 cases.

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