Two soldiers were killed Saturday in a Daesh/ISIS terror group attack in Iraq’s Saladin province, a security official told Anadolu Agency.

Terrorists attacked a control point in Dujail district, according to Saladin county council’s security officer Mahdi Taki, who said the attackers quickly fled but an operation has begun to apprehend them.

The terror group captured Mosul, Saladin, Anbar provinces and certain portions of Diyala and Kirkuk in June 2014, which were gradually taken back by Iraq.

Officials in Baghdad declared Daesh/ISIS presence in Iraq all but eradicated in late 2017.

But the terrorists still have a presence in rural areas of Anbar, Diyala, Kirkuk, Saladin and Mosul.

The army continues to carry out frequent operations against the group in parts of the country.

*Writing by Firdevs Bulut

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