MARDIN, Turkey

An elderly woman in southeastern Turkey has beaten COVID-19 in two weeks thanks to efforts by doctors.

Emine Tekin, 103, spent the first eight days at home in Omurlu village of Mardin province after testing positive for the novel coronavirus.

She was later admitted to the hospital as her situation got worse, and she was discharged after a six-day treatment.

A mother of four, Tekin told Anadolu Agency that the first eight days she spent at home were very tough.

“My disease was very severe. The doctors and nurses here helped me a lot,” she said.

“Ninety-five years ago, a plague-like this disease spread. It especially affected children. In the past, there was poverty, there was no doctor. Most of the children died,” Tekin recalled.

Noting that she survived the plague, she said now she has beaten COVID-19 as well.

Erdal Dayan, the neurology specialist at Mardin State Hospital, said that Tekin tested positive for the virus after complaints of fever, cough, weakness and loss of appetite. She was taken to hospital after her situation got worse.

“She is smiling at us right now, praying for us, that is our greatest happiness. Not everyone may be as lucky as her,” Dayan said, adding that even young patients may not be able to beat the disease.

“So nobody should say, ‘Nothing will happen to me’. We see what can happen as health care professionals,” he stressed.

Turkey reported 5,918 symptomatic COVID-19 patients on Thursday, taking the tally to 564,435.

As many as 5,232 patients also recovered, bringing the total number to 452,593, while the death toll rose to 15,751 with 220 additions.

*Writing by Sena Guler in Ankara

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