3 killed during clashes in Yemen's Aden

SANAA (AA) – Three people were killed on Monday in clashes between armed tribesman and security forces in Yemen's southern Aden province after the former raided several government buildings, medial sources have said.

"One soldier and two tribesmen were killed Monday during clashes that erupted after armed tribesmen took over several government buildings in Aden," a medical source, who requested anonymity, told The Anadolu Agency.

The clashes also left six tribesmen wounded, the source added.

Security sources told AA that armed tribesmen loyal to resigned president Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi raided and took control of a power station in the region of Al-Haswa in Aden without encountering any resistance from security forces tasked with guarding the facility.

Tribesmen also seized control of the state TV building and a government complex in Aden after clashing with security forces guarding the buildings, the sources added.

Tribal sources told AA that the armed tribesmen seized the sites in order to "preserve peace and security in Aden and to ensure it doesn't meet the fate as Sanaa" which had fallen in the hands of Shiite Houthi militant months ago.

The Houthis emerged as a formidable political and military force in Yemen after assuming control of capital Sanaa in September of 2014 before moving on to establish control over other parts of the country.

Earlier this month, the Shiite militant group issued what they described as a constitutional declaration dissolving parliament and establishing a 551-member transitional council.

The declaration, however, was rejected by most of Yemen's political forces – along with neighboring countries – which described it as a coup against constitutional legitimacy.


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