Mexico City sues gas company in hospital explosion

- Lawsuit opens way for others who sustained personal or property damage to sue Gas Express Nieto.

By Nancy Caouette

MEXICO CITY (AA) – The government here confirmed Thursday it filed a lawsuit against a gas company and three operators following an explosion earlier this month at a children’s hospital that caused five deaths and more than 70 injuries.

The lawsuit covers damages caused to the Children’s hospital of Cuajimalpa, medical material, as well as damages caused to the El Contadero market, according to General Director of Legal Service of Mexico City Jesus Rodriguez Nunez.

Mexico City’s government and Gas Express Nieto will have six months to present evidence and expert opinion to a judge before the trial.

Rodriguez Nunez is confident a settlement with the gas company can be reached before the trial.

“The idea is to come to an agreement with the company. We hope that the company will present an offer that covers all the damages of the hospital. Not the maximum amount covered by its insurance policy,” he told a local newspaper.

He said the lawsuit opens the door for others who were injured, lost relatives or property in the blast to seek compensation against the gas company.

Two babies and a woman were killed Jan. 29 after a truck exploded that was used to fill the hospital’s gas tank.

An employee of the public hospital and a nurse died a few days later.

A leak from a hose from the gas truck is believed to have caused the blast.

Three operators of Gas Express have been charged with involuntary manslaughter and criminal mischief in the case.

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