32 ISIL militants killed across Iraq

- Death toll included two suicide attackers killed by Peshmerga forces.

BAGHDAD (AA) – Iraqi security forces and tribal fighters killed 30 ISIL militants in separate clashes in Anbar province in western Iraq on Thursday, according to Iraqi army sources.

“Tribal fighters killed 25 ISIL militants in clashes in four villages in the southern city of Haditha, 180km west of Ramadi,” said Colonel Sha’ban Barzan al-Abidi, emergency forces’ chief in Anbar province’s al-Baghdadi district.

Five tribal fighters were wounded in the clashes. Tribal fighters need more and constant support of weapons and supplies from the government, al-Abidi added.

Five ISIL militants were killed and five others severely wounded in clashes with Iraqi army forces in al-Hurayrat district in eastern Fallujah in Anbar province, according to General Major Kasem al-Mohammadi, Anbar province’s operations’ chief.

The death toll could not be independently verified.

Peshmerga forces also killed two of three ISIL suicide bombers Thursday near Ba’shiqa Mountain in eastern Mosul in Ninawa province.

The third suicide bomber managed to escape from the Peshmerga forces.

Clashes between Iraqi forces and the militant group ISIL have been ongoing since June 2014 when the armed group seized Mosul and other territories in Iraq.

This prompted the U.S. to form an international coalition, which has launched numerous airstrikes against ISIL targets in both Iraq and Syria.


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