7 protesters injured in Comoros clashes: Army

MORONI – Seven people have been injured, including two critically, in clashes between security forces and demonstrators protesting repeated electricity outages in Comoros islands, the Comorian army said Tuesday.

Protesters angry at the repeated power outages across the country were "blocking traffic by setting up barricades," the Comorian army said in a statement.

"They also threatened ordinary citizens who wanted to exercise their basic right to move freely, especially in the southern city of Mitsoudje," the army said.

A security source, who declined to be named, told The Anadolu Agency that nine people were injured in Monday's clashes, including four in a critical condition.

On Monday, citizens in the Comoros Islands staged a general strike to protest repeated electricity outages.

The strike was staged only one day after a lobby group expressed anger at the outages and invited citizens to participate in this show of discontent.

The African Development Bank is expected has pledged $20.7 million in support for the country's power sector, according to the official website of the Comoros Islands.

The money is expected to boost the country's electricity network, which has not undergone any upgrade since the 1970s.

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