Istanbul and Anatolia gripped by snowy weather

ISTANBUL – Snow started falling again in Istanbul and is expected to continue to fall until tomorrow evening, according to the National General Meteorology Directorate.

A snow storm, expected to reach speeds of 80 km per hour, is expected to hit many regions of Istanbul.

A snow wave has also hit Turkey’s Anatolia region. The height of the snow is expected to be between 15 and 20 cm and five centimeters in coastal areas.

Transportation was shut down on roads connecting the Agri and Igdir provinces and traffic was sluggish on the Erzurum-Agri road due to heavy snow, according to the 12th region meteorology directorate.

Roads leading to 188 villages in Sivas, 145 in Erzincan and 65 villages in Tunceli and 29 countryside districts in Manisa became inaccessible, according to the Roads and Transportation Directorate.

Schools were also closed Tuesday in Erzincan due to the freezing weather.

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