UK: Fascist group holds rally in English town Dudley

DUDLEY - More than seven hundred English Defense League supporters marched on the streets of Dudley, where they came to stage a reaction to plans for a new mosque in the town, shouting anti-Muslim slogans Saturday.

Police took extra measures by cordoning off all roads reaching the central square of town where a counter protest by United Against Fascism (UAF) continued. Extra police squads were brought in Dudley for Saturday protests.

“Islam go to hell” was one of many Islamophobic chants the far-right group has shouted.

A banner read “No more mosques.”

At least two EDL members were detained by police earlier when they confronted the peaceful UAF demonstration by shouting racist slogans.

Meanwhile, community and religious leaders gave peaceful messages to approximately two hundred people who gathered to show a reaction to EDL.

Musicians sang peace songs on a stage that carried a banner reading “Love music hate racism.”

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