61 bodies found in an abandoned crematorium in Mexico

- Authorities investigating if local gangs involved in the deaths.

By Nancy Caouette

MEXICO CITY (AA) -- At least 61 corpses were found in an abandoned crematorium in Acapulco.

The bodies were found Thursday night in the famous resort city located in Guerrero state, where 43 students disappeared last September, officials said on Friday.

Neighbors of the crematorium, that stopped operations a year ago – according to local media, called authorities after smelling a putrid odor emanating from the building.

Federal police removed four human bodies from the Cremaciones del Pacifico, or Ceremations of the Pacific, before experts from Guerrero attorney general's office intervened and said 61 bodies were found inside the building.

The bodies were covered with white lime. Many were clothed, while others were wrapped in white sheets, according to local media. Several sources said four of the remains were women and one a minor.

Federal authorities have ceded lead on the investigation to local authorities, for the moment.

Officials are examining if the victims were killed by gangs fighting for control of Acapulco and its port.


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