France: Rise in Charlie Hebdo subscribers since attack

- The French satirical magazine boasts 200,000 subscribers.

PARIS (AA) - French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has seen a huge increase in the number of its subscribers after the deadly attack on its Paris offices in January. 

The magazine now boasts 200,000 subscribers -- 20 times more than the 10,000 subscribers it had before the attacks in France, in which 17 people died including several of the celebrated cartoonists.

The amount of revenue is expected to be 14 million euros ($15.9 million), an executive of the magazine Eric Portheault said Wednesday in a press statement. 

Portheault also said the magazine had received 2.37 million euros ($ 2.70 million) in donations intended for the families of the victims.

The first issue after the attacks gathered 10 million euros ($ 11.4 million) with over 7 million copies sold, despite reactions from the Muslim world over its cover showing a cartoon of a crying Prophet Muhammad holding a "Je Suis Charlie" (I Am Charlie) sign. 

The next issue is due Feb. 25.

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