Iran's nuke deal 'dangerous' to Israel: Netanyahu

JERUSALEM (AA) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday a proposed agreement between Iran and the six world powers was "very dangerous" to Israel.

Speaking during a visit to the army's Hermon division in Golan Heights, he said Israel would "vehemently oppose" any deal between Tehran and the West that could give Iran a nuclear capability.

"Instead of leading figures in the international community demanding that Iran cease and desist from terrorism in the region and globally, they are running toward an agreement that will permit Iran to arm itself with nuclear weapons," Netanyahu said.

World powers suspect that Iran is seeking to obtain nuclear weapons – a claim dismissed by Tehran, which insists that its nuclear program is intended solely for generating electricity.

Netanyahu went on to accuse Iran of seeking use the Syrian civil war to open up a new front against Israel.

"For some time, Iran worked to open a new front in Golan against Israel, along with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza," he said.

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