Kosovo: Minister sacked after calling Kosovars 'savages'

- Serb Minister Aleksandar Jablanovic dismissed from cabinet, Prime Minister Isa Mustafa announces.

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina (AA) - A Serbian minister has been dismissed from the cabinet in Kosovo after calling Kosovars "savages."

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa, announced at an extraordinary press conference on Tuesday that Aleksandar Jablanovic, the Minister for Communities and Returns in the Kosovo government from the Serbian list, had been removed from his duty.

Mustafa said: "I can to tell you that the Minister Jablanovic is no longer part of the government cabinet."

Jablanovic had declared in a statement earlier in the day that he had no intention of quitting.

His dismissal came after he said in early January that Kosovars were "savages" for preventing Serbs from entering a church in Cakovice in the west of the country.

Although Jablanovic later apologized, he was condemned across the country and two protests over his remarks were held in the capital, Pristina, on Jan. 24 and 27.

About 100 people, 72 of them police officers, were also injured at a rally on Jan. 28 in which demonstrators called on the minister to resign.

About 160 demonstrators were arrested after the event.


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