Heavy storms claim lives in Turkey

ANKARA - Heavy storm across the Turkey caused the deaths of five people in Balikesir, Canakkale and Bursa provinces of Turkey on Sunday.

Domestic and international flights as well sea transportation were cancelled due to strong winds.

In Bursa, three people were killed and 110 others injured, the governor’s office said Sunday.

It added that over 300 rooftops and 100 cars were damaged.

In Balikesir province, Ibrahim Semdil, 50, was trying to repair the metal roof of his barn when he fell down, and the roof then fell on top of him.

In Danisment village of Canakkale province, 84-year-old farmer Abdullah Aydemir died while he too was repairing his roof. Metal reinforcement material he was carrying hit his head due to strong winds, killing him.

Meanwhile, Turkish Airlines announced that it had cancelled 65 domestic flights and 59 international flights due to the bad weather conditions, in an official statement on its website.

Passengers can visit the airlines' website or contact the call center 444 0 849 for further details, the statement added.

In Istanbul sea bus services, fast ferry and car ferry services were cancelled due to weather conditions.

Heavy storms also affected sea transportation in Bursa, Canakkale and Tekirdag provinces.

Numerous electricity pylons, trees and roofs collapsed in the provinces of Istanbul, Bursa and Yalova.

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