Argentina probe finds only Nisman's DNA at scene

BUENOS AIRES – The DNA of prosecutor Alberto Nisman was the only one found in the area where his body was discovered, officials said Friday.

Viviana Fein, the prosecutor probing the death, said in a statement the DNA on Nisman’s shirt and shorts and on the pistol, magazine, cartridges and shells “matches the genetic profile of the deceased.”

Nisman’s body was found Jan. 18 with a gun shot to his head in the bathroom of his apartment. His death came only days after he accused President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of trying to hide Iran’s involvement in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, which killed 85 people, in exchange for trading grains for oil from the Republic.

His death sparked protests and widespread speculation that he was murdered, with even the president changing her initial assessment of a likely suicide to say that rogue intelligence agents could have taken killed him.

Fernandez de Kirchner and her officials have not yet responded to the latest evidence.

Nisman also had claimed that two men who reportedly worked for the Intelligence Secretariat were involved in the cover-up.

The intelligence agency has come under fire in recent months, with Fernandez de Kirchner replacing the two leaders in December with a close confidant.

While Fein has classified Nisman’s death as suspicious, she has said that she will look into all the possibilities, including that he may have been coerced into killing himself because of threats, possibly against his two young daughters.

However, Fein said Friday that no clues have been found so far to indicate that another person could have been directly involved in his death. For one thing, she said the security cameras in the service elevator of Nisman’s apartment building were out of operation and that there are no cameras in the stairwell.

Fein said her team is still reviewing the tapes from the other security cameras at the apartment building, among other evidence.

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