FIFA presidential hopeful aims for return of confidence

LONDON - Former French football player David Ginola said he is running for FIFA president after feeling disappointed with how the organization is managing the world football scene.

“Like many people, I am disappointed with how FIFA is handling football and I am angry at it,” Ginola, 48, said. “The decision to keep the content of the Garcia Report confidential is a warning for me to make some changes at FIFA.”

Ginola also said he wants to remove the lack of confidence in FIFA.

“Someone should do something for the game that we love and that is why I am running for the FIFA presidency," he said.

The FIFA presidential hopeful said his campaign is in touch with many countries and has received positive responses. He added that he is optimistic about securing the support of five countries, which is the minimum requirement to become an official candidate.

Ginola said he has been unable to watch Turkish football due to his heavy schedule, but acknowledged the Turkish people’s love for the game.

"I know how much Turkish people love football,” he said. “Your passion is a great example for the entire world. If you have a look at my policies, you will see that what I am offering affects Turkish football in a positive way.”

“If I get elected as FIFA president, I plan to visit many countries, including Turkey," Ginola added.

Ginola also commented about the organizing of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which Qatar is set to host.  

Many countries, especially England, objected to the decision-making process.

"In France we say that everyone is innocent until his or her guilt is proven. The Garcia Report should be published completely,” Ginola said. “If there is an illegality, I will launch an investigation.” 

Ginola also said that the 2022 World Cup has to take place during winter because of Qatar’s extremely hot climate.

Ginola formerly played for English clubs Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa, Everton and French team Paris Saint Germain.

- Other candidates

A number of other football figures are also running for FIFA’s top post, including FIFA VP for Asia Ali Bin al-Hussein of Jordan, former FIFA Deputy Secretary General Jerome Champagne and Dutch Football Federation President Michael van Praag.

Current FIFA President Sepp Blatter, who has been in charge of the organization since 1998, also declared his candidacy.

Each candidate has until Thursday to secure the support of at least five countries in order to become an official candidate. Elections are set for May 2015.

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