Argentine prosecutor probes possible homicide in Nisman case

BUENOS AIRES – Prosecutor Viviana Fein said Wednesday she will continue investigating the possibility that Alberto Nisman may have been killed after accusing President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of a criminal cover-up.

“There are many ways of simulating a suicide,” she said, according to the Infobae news website. “We will continue to investigate.”

Fein added that so far the evidence shows that no “third parties” were involved in Nisman’s death, for which reason the death remains classified as suspicious.

Nisman was found dead Jan. 18 with a gunshot wound to his head. Only days earlier, Nisman filed an extensive report that claimed Fernandez de Kirchner and others were involved in hiding Iran’s alleged involvement in a 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center that killed 85 people.

The president has repeatedly denied the cover-up, calling the accusation “absurd.”

Even so, a recent poll by Ipsos, a Paris-based global market research company, shows that 82 percent Argentinans believe that Nisman’s accusation is “credible” and 70 percent believe the prosecutor was assassinated, while 18 percent say suicide.

Meanwhile, the Federal Police Force said they suspended a third member of Nisman’s 10 bodyguards, Ruben Benitez.

The officer, who was with Nisman the day before he was found dead, told investigators that the prosecutor asked him for advice on buying a gun to defend himself in case he was alone on the street.

Days before his death, Nisman said he had received threats.

Two other officers were suspended after giving contradictory information about what they were doing and when, in the hours before Nisman was found dead.

Fein said she will continue to look for more evidence in the case, including by questioning other residents in Nisman’s apartment building.

Among other things, she wants to clarify the movement of Diego Lagomarsino, an information technology expert who worked for Nisman and who was charged this week with loaning the prosecutor the pistol found near his body.

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