French court validates French-Moroccan same-sex marriage

PARIS - The French Supreme Court validated on Wednesday the marriage of a Franco-Moroccan homosexual couple, ruling that the fundamental freedom to marry outweighed a bilateral agreement between France and Morocco.

The two men were married in 2013, when a local court contravened a bilateral agreement between France and Morocco which states that Moroccan citizens have to obey their country's marriage laws if they are in a relationship with another national.

"Marriage between people of the same sex is a fundamental freedom that an agreement between France and Morocco can't block, if the future Moroccan husband has a link with France as his home," the supreme court said.

Same sex marriage is banned in Morocco.

France has also signed the same agreement with ten other countries, including Poland, Algeria, Serbia, Slovenia and Tunisia.

The decision paves the way for nationals from the other countries that have signed the bilateral agreements to also marry in France.

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