Kuwait jails ex-MP for electoral bribery

KUWAIT CITY – In the first ruling of its kind in Kuwait, a court on Monday sentenced former Parliamentarian Mishary al-Husseini to three years in prison for engaging in electoral bribery, a judicial source has said.

"The court sentenced three other Kuwaitis to three years in prison each in the same case, along with 14 women who received suspended three-year sentences with bail set at 300 Kuwaiti dinars [roughly $876] each," the source said.

Kuwait's prosecution authorities accused al-Husseini and 16 others of buying votes in 2013 parliamentary polls.

The defendants denied the charges in court, while prosecutors demanded their imprisonment for no more than five years in line with the country's electoral law.

According to judicial sources, the verdict can be appealed.

It is the first time for a Kuwaiti court to convict a former MP of buying electoral votes, the source said.

In 2012, al-Husseini won a seat in parliament, which was dissolved by the country's constitutional court the following year due to changes in the electoral law enacted by Kuwaiti Emir Sabah Ahmad Al-Sabah.

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