Bosnia's Grand Mufti condemns Charlie Hebdo cover

-Husein Kavazovic says cover with caricature of Prophet is abuse of freedom of speech

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina (AA) - Bosnia's Grand Mufti Husein Kavazovic has condemned French magazine Charlie Hebdo’s decision to publish a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad, calling it an abuse of freedom of speech and artistic expression in a statement on Thursday.

Kavazovic said that publishing and supporting ridiculous caricatures of the Prophet and ruthlessly insulting the most intimate spiritual feelings of all Muslims was unacceptable way of freedom of expression.

"We condemn the abuse of freedom of speech and artistic expression which is used to insult other people and their holiness,” said the statement. “Instead of creating a culture of understanding, solidarity and respect for the spiritual foundations of other people, this has been a gross(…) provocation.”

The statement also noted that no argument can explain the disrespect of the Prophet Muhammad or the infliction of mental anguish to all Muslims of the world.

Charlie Hebdo's cover of the first issue after the attack that killed 12 people in its office in Paris, depicts the Prophet Muhammad, dressed in white, shedding a tear and holding a “Je suis Charlie (I am Charlie)” sign, below the headline "All is forgiven."

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