Morocco denies entry to French newspapers

RABAT (AA) – Moroccan authorities on Wednesday prevented the entry into Morocco of French publications that contained cartoons mocking Islam's prophet Muhammad, including French magazine Charlie Hebdo, a Moroccan Ministry of Communications source has said.

The source, who requested anonymity, told The Anadolu Agency that some other publications that contained the same cartoons did not send copies to Morocco.

On Wednesday, Charlie Hebdo printed cartoons mocking prophet Muhammad.

The magazine has printed cartoons in the past deemed offensive to Muslims, drawing mixed reactions in Muslim and western countries.

The cartoons are believed to have provoked an attack on the magazine's Paris headquarters last week, leaving 12 people dead, including eight journalists.

A few days ago, Moroccan authorities banned the distribution in Morocco of some French publications that reprinted the Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

Government spokesman Mustapha Khalfi said then that that the government had rejected to offer distribution licenses to some foreign newspapers that reprinted cartoons mocking prophet Muhammad.

"This was done in the light of Article no. 29 of the press and publishing law in Morocco," Khalfi told The Anadolu Agency.

Article no. 29 of Morocco's press and publishing law gives the country's Communications Minister the right to ban publications that offend religion, Morocco's monarchy or unity.

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